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FAQ Lexibook Tablet Junior Power Touch ref.MFC270EN

Tablet Settings of the Lexibook® Tablet Junior

I see the GPS settings on my tablet: Does my tablet integrate GPS ?

Some options like the GPS support are activated by default in Android™. Lexibook tablets do not have GPS.

Does the option : « Reset to Factory Settings » delete all files and applications on my Lexibook Tablet®?

This option restore to factory settings on your Lexibook Tablet. All files and applications installed will then be completely removed and can’t be reinstalled. Therefore It is strongly recommended to backup all your files and applications before restoring to factory settings.

What are the "developers options" for ?

These options are destined to developers and coders. It is strongly recommended to not access these settings.

The operating system Android ™ tablet Lexibook ®

Is it possible to upgrade the version of Android installed on the tablet?

No, it's not possible to upgrade the tablets. Each Lexibook® tablet uses a version of Android developed specifically for it. It's therefore not possible to install a new version.

What is the Home button on my Lexibook® Tablet for ?

The Home button allows you to quit the current application and come back to the home screen of your Lexibook Tablet, but does not close the application. Therefore it is recommended to use RETURN located on the bottom left corner or the Exit button in the application instead to exit it whenever possible.

I removed a Lexibook link on the Home screen. How can I get it back ?

If you removed a Lexibook link (for exemple: Help or Lexibook MAJ) on the Home Page, the only way to get it back is to use the Reset to Factory setting option. But be careful because with this option you will lose all files and applications, and it is therefore strongly recommended to do a backup of files and applications before using the setting Reset to Factory setting.

Connexion USB

What is USB and what can I do with it?

USB connection on your tablet enables it to connect with a computer in order to transfer files like audio files, digital books, pictures or videos in and out of the tablet.


The battery is low and the tablet does not seem to start up, even plugged. What should I do ?

If you have not used your Lexibook Tablet for some time and the battery is very low or drained, please plug your Tablet to an outlet with the included cable and wait until it starts automatically as soon as it’s fully charged. This can take up to 15 minutes.


I switched on my Lexibook Tablet for the first time and the screen does not respond accurately. What should I do ?

The tablets come with a plastic film covering the screen. This film is part of the packaging and should be removed from the tablet before using. It can be replaced with a protective film (not supplied).

The virtual Keyboard of the Lexibook Tablet®

What is the MICROPHONE button located on the bottom right of the virtual keyboard of the Lexibook Tablet®?

This button allows you to fill text with your voice instead of the keyboard. Please note that this function might be less accurate or efficient than using the keyboard by itself.

Adding Files on the Lexibook Tablet®

I added files on my Tablet. Where can I find them?

All your video files, pictures, sounds, ebooks and others are added automatically to the applications “Video Player”, “Gallery”, “Music” and “eBooks” (provided they are in formats supported by the Lexibook Tablet). If you wish to find copied files on the Lexibook Tablet or on a SD card inserted in the Lexibook Tablet, just open the Explorer Application and select “Internal Memory” or ”SD Card ”.

Is my Lexibook Tablet Computer compatible with USB keys ?

No The Lexibook Tablet is not compatible with USB Storage Keys.

Protecting the Lexibook Tablet®

How can I protect my Lexibook Tablet against viruses and other threats coming from Internet?

Several antivirus for Android™ are available to download on the Lexibook® Market or on the internet (free or not).

The Lexibook® Market Application

The application Lexibook Market seems to have stopped working. What should I do ?

In the interest of continuous improvement, Lexibook ® regularly updates the Lexibook ® Market. If the application does not work, please click on "Lexibook SHIFT" which appears on the home page of your tablet Lexibook ® in order to download and install the latest version of the application. You can also go directly to the address "http://www.lexibook.com/en/lexibook-market-app.html" in order to download the update. Here is the guide : http://lexidev.fazae.com/images/stories/guides/Update_Lexibook_Market_Tablet_Master_EN.pdf.

Does my account disconnect itself automatically when I quit the Lexbook Market?

No, to exit from your account, please follow the following steps: - Select the button with three dots vertically aligned at the bottom left of the screen and click on "Settings". - Select the "Login Information". - Delete the information found in the "Email address" and "Password" and click "Save".

The Lexibook® Protect Application

It’s the first time I’m using the Tablet to surf on the Internet and some web sites are blocked (Like Youtube and Facebook).

For optimum protection, the Lexibook ® Protect web browser by default blocks all websites considered potentially inappropriate for children. It is very important to create your password the first time you use Lexibook ® Protect in order to configure the parental controls of Lexibook® Protect to your liking.

I blocked all risky websites via the Lexibook® Protect, but my child arrived on an adult website by mistake. Why and how can I prevent that ?

It may happen that some adult sites manage to bypass parental controls. Indeed, these sites often commercial, seek by all means to bypass filters. There are currently no parental controls 100% reliable. Our teams constantly work to strengthen our parental control system, we invite you to let us know of any website that you think would be suspect and escape parental control of Lexibook ®. Protect.

How to give access to my child to only websites of my choice while blocking everything else ?

The Parental Control Protect Lexibook ® has an option "Block All", which allows you to block all websites except for those that you manually added to the white list. For more details on setting the Lexibook ® Protect, please refer to the manual of your Lexibook ® Tablet.®.

Videos on Youtube do not seem to work. What should I do ?

To start a video on Youtube, you have to click on the " Start Button " on the bottom left of the video, then Pause and Start.

What is Google™ SafeSearch ?

Google™ SafeSearch is a filter created by Google ™ that allows you to filter adult content and inappropriate content in a search within the search engine Google ™. On Lexibook ® Protect, this function is enabled by default and it is strongly recommended not to disable it, this to get even better protection.

The Lexibook® Videostore (LXBVideo) application

How does the Lexibook Videostore works ?

Online help is available within the Lexibook ® Videostore. There, you will find all the information given step-by-step, in order to make the maximum out of the application. If you have a gift card, please follow the explanations located at the back of it.

What is the "ON/OFF" button located in the right top corner of the screen in the application for ?

Depending on the position of the button you choose: "ON": You can access the ONLINE (ONLINE) application part. It is here that you can rent or buy cartoons to watch them in streaming (streaming) or download them onto your tablet Lexibook ®. To access the ONLINE application, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network "OFF": You access the OFFLINE (OFFLINE) part of the application. It is here that you can watch your cartoons preinstalled (if your Lexibook ® tablet contains some) and cartoons you've downloaded from the catalog ONLINE.

I clicked on a video of the OFFLINE part, but the control bar from the video does not load when I touch the screen. What should I do?

When first using the application Lexibook ® Videostore, it may happen that the control bar is inaccessible. To make it appear, simply go back by pressing the RETURN key and restart the video.

The Video Player Application

I added a video in AVI format in my tablet but I can not play it using the "Video Player". What should I do?

The Android™ system does support only partially the video format AVI. We advise you to use the MP4 format instead.

The Gallery Application

Can I import pictures and videos in the Gallery application ?

For the image and video files to automatically appear in the Gallery app, you can simply copy them anywhere in the internal memory of your tablet Lexibook ®. You can also read files directly from a micro SD card inserted in the tablet.

The eBooks Application

Each time I open an eBook, the brightness of my screen decreases. What should I do?

When opening an eBook, it is normal that the screen brightness automatically decreases. Indeed, the white pages consumes more battery and can dazzle the eyes. You can increase the brightness by clicking on the clock and adjusting the brightness according to your needs.

What file formats are compatible with the application eBooks?

The application is compatible with formats EPUB, PDF and TXT.

The Email Application

Can I add multiple email addresses in the E-mail application ?

This is quite possible. On the main page of the E-mail application, select the button with three dots vertically aligned at the top right of the screen, and click "Settings." Then click on "Add Account" at the top right of the screen and follow the instructions to add an additional e-mail account.

The Help Application

The printed manual is only twenty pages. How do I find more information on my tablet Lexibook® ?

If the manual included in the packaging of your tablet Lexibook ® is less than twenty pages and is called "Getting Started Guide", you will find information on the home page at the Help application. This application contains a detailed manual of the various functions of your tablet Lexibook ®.

My Games

When first opening the game "Burn the Rope", my screen stays black and the game does not start. What should I do?

Sometimes the game "Burn the Rope" does not start at the first opening. You must then close the game by pressing the RETURN key, and select OK on the screen and then restart the game. Note that this is only for the first opening.

I’m trying to open the game "3D TurboFly "but the start page opens and then go back to the home screen. What should I do?

The TurboFly 3D game requires a lot of resources to run. It may happen that it will not start if too many applications are open. If you can not start the game after three attempts, restart your tablet Lexibook ® and restart the game.

The game I started asks for an update. I press "Yes" but nothing happens. What should I do?

The games included in your tablet Lexibook ® do not need to be updated. Pressing YES or NO will not affect your game and you can continue to play normally.


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